Torrent Stream

Extension that lets you directly stream videos from torrents

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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Multitasking is a skill that is highly prized, and that is no less true of computer programs. While the processing power of computers has increased dramatically in only the past couple of years, so have the requirements to run new applications, so resources are still an issue. By combining two of the most common tasks computer users are likely to engage in, downloading torrents and playing media, Torrent Stream saves on resources while providing an excellent service.

Perhaps the best thing about Torrent Stream is that it combines the functions of the most popular torrent client with the most popular media player. That is, it uses a similar interface to both to make it easier to jump right in and start operating the program.

It also makes playing streaming events like sporting events or special shows easy to do, and does so in a resource light way that won't bog down the rest of your processes while you're enjoying it. There is little in the way of data hiccups during the streaming, and torrents can continue to download while you're viewing movies or listening to music without having to worry about problems in playback.

Torrent Stream also allows you to do some video manipulation tasks that many similar players don't provide the possibility of. For example, there is a video conversion option that will allow you to change the format of the video that you're watching to something better suited to the way you want to play or store your media. It also allows for partial video playback so that you can see what you're downloading while you download it. Finally, the ability to take screenshots and add watermarks makes for simple video and still frame manipulation to your purposes.

There are a few problems with the program, however. The loading time for videos, especially partial videos, is not great. In fact, there are times when it was so slow that I wasn't sure if the program had frozen or not, and that became a problem on the rare occasion that it actually did freeze and several minutes were wasted wondering whether it was just taking a long time to load. Further, when it did experience jumps due to performance, as strange as that was, they were noticeable and usually required a restart of the application to fix them.

Despite those small problems, this is still an amazing application that is worth the download and will quickly replace some other programs that you might otherwise be using.


  • Several useful functions both as a media player and torrent client
  • Partial download playback and streaming in HD are easy
  • Very light on computer resource use


  • Occasional hiccups in playback usually require a restart of the program to fix rather than correcting themselves
  • Certain types of playback, such as partial download playback, take a long time to load

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